How to choose the best CV Format

How to choose the best CV Format

With so many formats of CV available these days it is pretty difficult to decide which one is the best format of CV. When it comes to choosing the best format of CV, there are a number of points to consider. The very first one you should remember is that employers donot spare more than a few seconds on a resume, so whatever you make have to be legible as well as free from any kind of clutter. Apart from this, there are some other significant points to remember while choosing the best format of CV for making your own.


  • In the race of making an impressive resume, we normally look for CV formats that look good, but we usually forget that recruiters care more for information instead of graphics. You will surely not want the recruiter to search for information they want amidst the mess of intense graphics. This means that best format of CV is that which puts more emphasis on the presentation of information rather than graphics.


  • Look for CV with different parts for different type of information. Sometimes, only a simple line act as good separators and help the reader to find particular areas effortlessly.


  • Pay more attention to the structure of the resume, as it is of utmost significance. Make sure that the structure is followed from the beginning to the end adding uniformity to your CV.


  • Keep your eyes open for every little detail starting from the font to the formatting. Sometimes small or big fonts can make the CV look incoherent or sometimes adding information more than that is required can make the CV appear messy. All these points will cut down your chances of being selected for an interview.


  • Look for the major sections that are required to complete a CV. These include the personal information section where you insert your name, address, or contact details then is the personal profile section, then the section of career summary, followed by educational qualifications, experience, achievements and skills, interests and Hobbies, and References. Remember that the structure should be consistent all through the CV, as this is the base on which you build your CV.


  • Most of the CVs share these common sections with some differences according to the industry, job or position. Therefore, you should pick the CV format containing these major sections. To make any CV format the best format of CV, you should make changes to it as per the kind of job you apply for, your career and other related circumstances.


  • You should first understand the kinds of CV formats available, which are functional, combination, and chronological resume formats, and then pick the best format of CV that suits your job search approach. You can also check some of the resume templates and samples available over the internet and catch a glimpse of the tips for writing a good CV. Once you go through these tips, the basic rules will be clear to you.


  • Check out both content layout of CV as well as visual layout of CV and then decide which is the best format of CV for you. The layout of resumes is more often the same, but the visual elements can be played with to bring out different effects. Whether it is the alignment, or the font, the heading, bullets, spacing, and even color, all these elements play an important part in the overall impact of the CV.


If you keep these points in mind, then choosing the best format of CV will not be very difficult for you, and make sure that you go for nothing but the best. 

Resume Format for Freshers Key Points You May Not Know

Resume Format for Freshers – Key Points You May Not Know

Constructing an impressive Resume is one of the biggest challenges in front of freshers. However, with the help of an all-inclusive guide this is not an impossible task. Instead of worrying about messy details, start with the very basics. Here are a few things that will help you to make the best Resume.

  • From the very beginning, you should be clear about the nature and purpose of your Resume then only you will be able to determine the Resume format. Remember that the primary purpose of your Resume is to sell your qualifications and get you an interview call.
  • The   Resume format for freshers is that which has sections for different kind of information. These include the header identifying your name and contact, followed by the objective, then the education, projects/experience (if any), skills, and interest. You should make sure that whatever format you choose for your Resume must contain these sections. There can be slight changes according to the job applied.
  • Freshers can also add other sections if any information is left to be covered by the above-mentioned sections.
  • You can also choose from the single page or two-page Resume formats, but if you have extensive training or skills to focus on, then the two-page format will be the best Resume format for you.

Given below are points that must be included in Resume Format for Freshers -

This format is meant for the Resume format for those who have just stepped into their job hunting shoes and don’t have any kind of intricacies in their profile.



Contact no.

Email Id


(In this section, you have to mention your career objective that should fit the requirements of the company as mentioned in their notification. Remember that this should not be very long. You can refer to some objective statement examples to find a suitable one for yourself.)


Executive Summary

  • Freshers should emphasize more on their grades, qualifications, and skills
  • If you have knowhow of any software, which might be useful for the job, then this is the section to mention it.
  • If you have undergone any training or posses any special skill then stating them in this section will grab the attention of the recruiter



(This section applies to those who hold some kind of corporate experience or internships or on the job training. If you do, then you should state the name of the company and the years and months, you served there.)

Job responsibilities

(Those who have some experience can mention their key responsibilities here in bulleted list. But freshers can list down the skills they have acquired while executing any assignment.)


(Whatever accomplishments you have made during your student or professional life goes under this section. If your work or skills have been recognized somewhere, then don’t forget to mention it here.)

Extra Curricular Activities

(Mention activities that reflect your personality and the activities that you participated in while you were a student.)

Interests or Hobbies

(You do mention your interests and hobbies in this section but you should be careful in choosing them, as these can be used to frame interview questions.)

Personal Information

Your date of birth, languages known, and nationality, and other personal information is included in this section.

The   Resume format for freshers will have all these sections and some more accordingly. However, you should also pay attention to the formatting and layout of the Resume as then only you will be able to pick the   Resume format. You can also use free Resume templates to find some of the   Resume format and can use them to edit a striking Resume for yourself. 

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