Cover Letter Do you need them in Todays World

Cover Letter is an introductory letter that is meant to highlight your achievements and make you befitting for the job opening. A cover letter has a motive to enhance value and your brand image for the job. There are many employers who consider a cover letter a must along with the resume. So cover letter is an integral part of your job search strategy. Each time you apply for a job and send across the cover letter, customize it according to the job profile and each employer.

Executive Resume Writing Made Easy For Professionals

If you have experience then your experience is your asset and this is exactly what you should be focusing on when writing an Executive Resume. The more you work the more experience you gain, and the more experienced you are, the better should be your Executive Resume. Initial mistakes might be overlooked in a Resume when you are a fresher, but when it comes to an experienced professionals, employers demand nothing but the best. Following are a few tips that can help you in constructing a fully professional Executive Resume.

How to Get Jobs using Your Linkedin Profile

Almost a decade back LinkedIn surfaced over the internet as a social network website to create a large network of professionals across the globe. Since its inception to the present time, it has turned big and even more fruitful for job seekers. Some recent surveys and studies have demonstrated that majority of top recruiters use LinkedIn to look for and contact suitable candidates for jobs. They also use LinkedIn to keep a track on potential contenders for a job and majority of employers post jobs on LinkedIn as well.

Is your CV lost amongst 4 Cr CVs on the job portal

The first thing you do with your CV today is to submit it online for boosting your screening chances for job interviews. These days it is normal practice to submit resumes on various job portals. Just like you there are millions others who do the same each day. Your CV is just an addition to these portals. So how do you stand out among others, and how only your CV gets better screening for interview calls, depends on various reasons. Though there are various factors that could affect the short listing of your CV but primarily it happens so because of lack of knowledge about the technique of submitting of CVs on job portals.

LinkedIn Profile Do I need a professional to write it

Internet has not only extended the scope of job search, but it has also provided a number of tools to promote your skills and get better opportunities from across the world, and LinkedIn is one such useful tool. It is one of the favorite social networks of professionals, as it helps in creating connections, exploring trends of different industries and companies and developing relations at the same time.

Linkedin Profile Is it a Branding Tool

Having a good resume and posting it on online recruitment websites is not enough now to get a great job for a great future. With more and more recruiters seeking candidates online, you actually require dynamic online presence for grabbing the attention of employers across the globe. When it comes to online presence what can be better than a social network, and what is even better is that there is a targeted social network for professionals as well. Yes, we are talking about LinkedIn. The platform of LinkedIn is used by varied industries to share facts and information about different corporate entities and is also used by industries for discussing major issues. However, LinkedIn has recently emerged as a great tool for jobseekers.

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