How to Get Jobs using Your Linkedin Profile

How to Get Jobs using Your Linkedin Profile

Almost a decade back LinkedIn surfaced over the internet as a social network website to create a large network of professionals across the globe. Since its inception to the present time, it has turned big and even more fruitful for job seekers. Some recent surveys and studies have demonstrated that majority of top recruiters use LinkedIn to look for and contact suitable candidates for jobs. They also use LinkedIn to keep a track on potential contenders for a job and majority of employers post jobs on LinkedIn as well. This means that if you are missing on LinkedIn then you are away from an array of opportunities, which you can otherwise take advantage of.

From your professional experience, term served in a job, to your skills, recruiters keep an eye on all through your LinkedIn profile. If you leverage your LinkedIn profile, then you can give a completely new dimension to your job search. Here we have enumerated a few tips, which can help you to leverage your LinkedIn profile for job search:

  1. Build an informative profile: This is probably the best way to start your job search on LinkedIn. Consider your profile as a synopsis of your CV. Fill in all the details that can tell something about you, your education, skills, previous jobs, etc.
  2. Don’t overlook tabs: A number of people does not bother about the tabs present on the top of the profile page. The most important of these tabs are Groups, Companies, and Jobs.
  3. Make a large network: The large is your network the more you will be exposed to opportunities. LinkedIn allow you to explore and connect with people belonging to different industries and enable you to come under the radar of potential recruiters and hiring managers as well.
  4. Groups! Groups! Groups! : Groups can be the key to leverage your LinkedIn profile for job search. Groups can establish your position as a professional and can also act as a tool to introduce you to new avenues. Simply type the name of the industry and then go through the list of groups available for that industry to join.
  5. Track Companies: You can look for different companies at one place and can keep a track of those companies to know more about it. This can be your homework before applying for a job in that company.
  6. The job search gizmo: Candidates can now keep a track on new jobs with the new app for job search introduced on LinkedIn. This is not all; this app also lets you filter the jobs by specific company, location, or even by title. You will also get job recommendations depending on your LinkedIn Profile.
  7. Check out the follow-up prompt: you will find this reminder tool in connections profile section. Simply set up reminders by clicking on Relationship tab beneath the profile picture. This helps you to manage your connections and relationships by sending you reminders about your meeting with specific people.
  8. Synchronize your LinkedIn profile and your email: Whatever chat you have over email with any recruiter or competitor, will be visible on your profile page. In this way, you can follow up the people you have connected with.
  9. Use LinkedIn Updates: if you use the updates in the correct manner, then this will help you in managing your career and establishing your brand on LinkedIn. You can advertise your brand with the updates and can make yourself even more visible across the network.
  10. Track new connections: Your job does not end with making new connections. You should follow them up by sending emails stating about your career goals, your skills, and something about yourself.

If you still have any doubt about leveraging your LinkedIn profile for job search, then simply approach our expert team for help. 

Linkedin Profile Is it a Branding Tool

Linkedin Profile Is it a Branding Tool

Having a good resume and posting it on online recruitment websites is not enough now to get a great job for a great future. With more and more recruiters seeking candidates online, you actually require dynamic online presence for grabbing the attention of employers across the globe. When it comes to online presence what can be better than a social network, and what is even better is that there is a targeted social network for professionals as well. Yes, we are talking about LinkedIn. The platform of LinkedIn is used by varied industries to share facts and information about different corporate entities and is also used by industries for discussing major issues. However, LinkedIn has recently emerged as a great tool for jobseekers.


In the last ten years of existence, LinkedIn has gathered over two hundred million members and by now, almost everyone knows how to create a profile on this website and make connections. However, in the last few years potential employers and recruiters are using this site to search for right candidates for their companies. So now, employers do not just take a sneak peek on your LinkedIn profile, but they go through it in detail. This means that you need to build a more professional profile on LinkedIn. In fact, you can make yourself a brand with your LinkedIn Profile.


How you can do Self Branding using your LinkedIn profile:

You can add value to your resume and can make yourself a brand with the help of your LinkedIn profile with these useful tips.

  1. A specialized headline: this comes just beneath your name in your profile and if you fill in correct keywords, it will grab the attention of targeted audience. Remember that you just have 120 characters to sum up your headline, so try to keep as crisp as possible.
  2. If you have a LinkedIn profile, then you must have seen the update section. This is the most significant section when it comes to building your brand. The more you post an update the more value is added to your brand online. Try to update regularly and add appropriate keywords.
  3. Customizing the URL, which is your LinkedIn profile address, is another way of enhancing your brand online. This will help you to come up high in Google search results.
  4. An appealing summary defining your career can be helpful as well. tell your story in a convincing manner while highlighting your achievements at the same time.
  5. Add your skills in the Skills and Expertise section, which you can find underneath the section of Education. You can use this section to convey your abilities and your skill set. Your connections on LinkedIn can also endorse your brand through your skills added in this section.
  6. Recommendations can be your key to build your brand on LinkedIn. What others have to say about is far more important than what you say about yourself, so try to get as much recommendations as possible.

How a professional service can help

Having a professional profile on LinkedIn can give an edge to your career. For building such a profile, you need to know what to include and what to exclude, but if you do not have the time, then hiring a professional service can be the best way out.

Get a complete LinkedIn profile with expert LinkedIn profile writing service. They will provide you a completely new profile or can rewrite your existing profile as well. You can customize your profile according to the industry you belong or the kind of job you are seeking. They will help in highlighting you as a brand with higher rankings, making your profile more visible to employers.


LinkedIn Profile Mere Time Pass or MORE

LinkedIn Profile – Mere Time Pass or MORE ?

Opportunity knocks only once, and this is not just an old saying, but also a harsh reality specifically if you are a job seeker. You might never know when opportunity might pass by you and you just donot recognize it. If you are a job seeker and you donot have one or neglect your Linked Profile then this will surely happen. Remember that your LinkedIn Profile is not just any other social profile that you make for passing your time. Instead, LinkedIn Profile is turning out to be a useful tool in the hand of job seekers. You might be adding people contacted through networking events and accept their requests, but this is not all. If you will stick to this approach, then you might not come under the radar of many top recruiters. A LinkedIn Profile acts like a shopping window for potential employers and hiring managers.


There are several reasons behind this rising significance of LinkedIn Profiles and some of the major ones are enumerated below:

  • Applying for jobs and coming under the radar of potential employers is now a lot easier with LinkedIn. You can use LinkedIn particularly for job search by using job listings on LinkedIn. All you need to do is to submit your profile on the listings and simply click on the apply now butting to post your profile.


  • With the advancement of social media, recruiters have got a new and innovative method of finding candidates and delving into their details, whereas job seekers have got a better platform for displaying their skills and making them visible to several recruiters at the same time. Social networking websites like LinkedIn helps in increasing your visibility among corporate recruiters and brings you greater opportunities in return. Remaining visible is the key to better job prospects, especially with the rising level of competition in the corporate world.


  • Another reason why LinkedIn Profile is becoming a favorite of job seekers is that it serves the specific requirements of job search. If you have, a compelling profile then opportunities might come your way even from very weak connections that you build on LinkedIn. People sometimes even build connections with companies they want to work with and can find referrals for those companies as well.


  • Everyone goes for a Google search when searching for someone or somethings details, and so does the employers, so if you have an appealing LinkedIn Profile and a potential employer goes for a Google search by entering your name, then this profile will come up on the top spots of Google search result. This means that you can ultimately have an impressive online reputation.


  • Recently the membership on this social networking website has increase drastically and some studies also show that maximum recruiters use LinkedIn for scrutinizing candidates. In fact, executives and professionals belonging to different age groups are using LinkedIn for finding even better job opportunities.


  • LinkedIn stands out as an important platform for building connections as more connections with professionals belonging to the same industry or field helps in gaining expertise as well as interrelating with contemporaries.


  • Earlier you had to roam from office to office with your resume in your hand to find a job, and now you have a platform for yourself where you can promote yourself and catch the attention of employers without running from pillar to post. It works a like a website of your own where you can showcase your skills, tell about your experience in detail, and highlight your accomplishments all at the same time.


  • You just have to bear in mind that your LinkedIn Profile is not your resume. The difference between the two lies in the fact that Resumes convey information about what you have achieved or what are your qualifications whereas, your LinkedIn Profile brings out the facts that tells about who you are. Whenever, employers look for candidates not just with the required qualifications but also with a particular character they will refer to LinkedIn to find the suitable person for the job.


  • Your LinkedIn Profile also helps you to get latest job alerts that match your qualifications and abilities. Further, the connections that you build with this network will help you get job notifications that are shared on your network. This means that you will find more targeted jobs with your LinkedIn Profile.


  • The way you maintain and update your LinkedIn Profile also affects your chances of impressing potential employers. Therefore, make sure that the information you put on your LinkedIn Profile should be complete and up-to-date.


  • Presently, none of the social network completely focuses on networks of professional, which make LinkedIn different from other social networks and it is regarded safe as well.


With a great shift in the approach of job search with recruitment and social networking websites, being visible over the internet is of utmost importance to job seekers, as the more visible you are the better are your opportunities to land on a great job. Your LinkedIn Profile helps you in enhancing your visibility, which ultimately helps recruiters to notice you. A LinkedIn Profile comes on the top of the list of Google Search, so your visibility will hit the top once you create and maintain your LinkedIn Profile. Starting from custom URL, to profile photo, to the headline, job descriptions, and summary, there are several elements on this social network that you can use to your advantage and can be noticed by employers who hover over these networks to find suitable candidates. If you donot leverage your LinkedIn Profile, then you will miss out on some of the most luring offers that you will ever get. If you have not paid attention to your profile of late or is not using it in the way it should be, then it is time to polish it up, use it in the direction of job search, and simply see how it can create magic for you.  

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