Resume Writing Secrets You Must Know

Resume Writing Secrets You Must Know
Resume writing SecretsYour Resume is not just a document stating your academic record, work experience, or your skills; it is your key to the best of the jobs in the industry. Therefore, you need to pay extra attention to your Resume even if you are an experienced professional. Even after being in the business for a long duration you might still need help with your Resume, so if you have any doubt regarding reframing, restructuring or rewriting your Resume for a specific industry, then here is a list of common questions bothering you along with the answers.


  • Why should I update my Resume?

You might have been in a job for quite a few years, but you should still keep your Resume updated, as opportunity can come your way anytime. You might want to move to a better job, or another industry for better opportunities, or you might face some misfortune like cost cut, and might be again looking for job, so keep your Resume updated even if you are an experienced professional.

  • What changes should I make in my existing Resume?

If you have not updated your Resume from the last few years, then you should do so immediately. The more time you spend in an industry the more experience you gain your Resume should reflect your growth as well. The major changes that you will have to make to your Resume are to add your experience and other qualifications that you have gained during your job period.

  • What exactly should I focus on while restricting my Resume?

If you are aspiring to get a better job, then your experience will be the key, so you must highlight our relevant skills and experience that you have gained in all these years. Concentrate on accomplishments that you have made rather than the responsibilities that you have rendered.

What should be the ideal length of a professional Resume?
Your experience will definitely make your Resume longer than the 2-pages Resume of freshers. However, you must bear in mind that the best of your background should come in the first page only and the rest of the facts can be left to the following pages. When you put your experience in the first page, it will draw the attention of the recruiter towards the experience you hold, and this improves your chances as well.

  • How can I make the focus of my Resume crisper?

Using a headline or a well-written branding statement can do this job for your Resume. This statement is similar to a punch line, which highlights your value, your expertise, or what you are seeking. In brief, this statement should comprise of your repute as an experienced professional, and should emphasize of how you can be a valued addition to a company.

  • What keywords should I use in my Resume?

Being an experienced professional your choice of keywords should be based on your expertise and your future goals. These words enhance the visibility of your resume online, and nowadays most of the recruiters look for candidates online. Therefore, you should use relevant keywords to take advantage of the power of internet.

  • What certifications and licenses should I mention in my Resume?

When you are changing jobs, you should include certifications that are relevant to the kind of job you are applying for.

  • Should I further divide the experience section?

Many people do this nowadays, specifically college students, who divide the experience in sections such as volunteer experience, internships, leadership experience, etc. However, you can keep it simple and put all your relevant experience in bulleted lists.
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