Resume Writing Step-by-step guide for Freshers

Resume Writing : Step-by-step guide for Freshers

Freshers have to face many challenges. Whether it is finding jobs online or writing the perfect Resume that can grab the attention of employers, everything seems difficult when you step out in the market of jobs for the first time. The tough competition, which prevails in the present scenario, can make any fresher nervous, but success lies in rising above the nerve cracking situation and facing the challenges with self-assurance. Whether you are applying for a job in person or over the internet, a Resume forms an integral part at this phase of job hunting. Your Resume is your mirror and the most significant tool in your hand to market your abilities, skills, and your career goals. This means that you cannot afford to make mistakes while writing a Resume. There is no need to be anxious and just go through the following tips to get some help writing your Resume.


  • The key to write a successful Resume at the very beginning of your career is to bring out maximum facts in minimum space. This will help your Resume to stand out in the crowd.


  • Planning is the best way write a Resume if you are a fresher. Before you sit down to write your Resume, draw a sketch of what to include and what to leave out. Determine your professional goals and then write your Resume accordingly. In this way, your resume can be more targeted and industry oriented and its impact will also enhance.


  •  Pay attention to every little detail: You should pay attention to even the most smallest details like the font size, keywords to be used, use of titles, formatting, use of verbs or pronouns, and even headers and footers. Sometimes even the most little mistakes can make a big impact.


  • Put in nothing but the facts, as this shows your honesty. However, be careful of what facts you include. Add only those facts, which work in your favor.


  •  Highlight your educational and academic record as well as your personality traits. While doing this job, highlight your traits and qualifications, which match the job that you are applying for. Remember that customizing your Resume according to the job will be an added benefit to make your Resume more noticeable. You can make four or five editions of your Resume, so that you apply to different kinds of jobs easily.


  • If you have any added qualification like you have attended training programs or workshops, seminars, etc, then mention these in the Resume as well.


  • Give correct information in your Resume be it your training details, educational details, expertise, experience (if any), and the most important, your contact information.


  • Avoid any kind of jargon: Never fill up your Resume with flowery language or jargon thinking that it will impress the recruiter.


  • No matter whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, donot forget the cover letter. This will show your interest towards the job and will make your first impression very positive.


  • Use a valid email id as this will bring you responses from recruiters and you must keep one email id for recruitments only.


  • Join LinkedIn, as this will help you to add more value to your Resume and introduce you to the world of experienced professionals out there. This is a great way to find out many other jobs across the globe.


  • Being a fresher is not your weakness, instead make this your strength and highlight the fact that you are ready to learn and work hard to develop your skills and give the best results. 

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