Resume Format For Air Hostess

Air hostesses deal with thousands of individuals each week. Their core responsibilities include demonstration of safety procedures to passengers as well as serving them meals and drinks. Hence, your resume format should demonstrate no ambiguity when it comes to highlighting strong interpersonal skills. Air hostesses also carry out administrative duties for their captains. They need to be extremely attentive, cordial, and friendly to carry out the role effectively. Hence, core skills that should be mentioned in your resume format include immaculate communication skills and customer service skills. Air hostesses are responsible for many safety procedures such as securing the main door on flights and providing instructions to passengers on basic safety measures. Your resume format should efficiently highlight the core skill needed for this role: customer service. This is because your duties may involve attending to the special needs of toddlers and elderly passengers, all of which require patience and exceptional customer service skills.

Resume Samples / CV Format for Air Hostess

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