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A DBA (Database Administrator) is responsible to make sure that efficiency of the servers is maintained, and the software used in managing a database is appropriately maintained to permit rapid access when required. Generally, a DBA works to guarantee data security, coordinate with IT security team in big organizations to support the maintenance of integrity of sensitive business data. A DBA is expected to keep the organization’s information accessible in an effective manner, make sure that cloud access to data can be achieved quickly and resourcefully.
The major roles and responsibilities of DBA professional includes supervising and optimizing system performance with the use of disk optimization, index tuning & other methods, configuring, installing, maintaining and troubleshooting database system, executing & configuring database replication, instances, partitions, backup, access and storage, setting up user privileges in the database setting. Resume format for DBA must emphasize on a bachelors or associate’s degree in computer science or database management or any other equivalent degree, and past experience in the field. A DBA CV should highlight the individual’s IT background, familiarity with working in database and administration teams, and ability to answer calls and respond in case of system crisis.

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