Resume Format For Dentist

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Dentists are the medical healthcare professionals who focus on the dental hygiene of their patients. Dentists do oral hygiene of patients but they also carry out surgeries. It is a field of medicine that pertains to the health and treatment of teeth and mouth. They can treat diseases such as gum diseases, injuries in the teeth or in mouth, as well as they examine X-Ray to identify the problem in ones mouth and help and correct issues. Dentists also repair broken teeth or correct orientation of crooked teeth by strengthening them. Dentists often help their patients to improve their smiles by using cosmetic dental procedures like whitening. They also advice their patients how to maintain the health of their teeth by brushing, flossing etc. Most of the dentists are self-employed, building up their own clinics and working full time, this requires a start-up investment also. They also have to hire train hygienists and secretaries. There are some important tasks of the doctor such as advice and instruct patients regarding preventive dental care and also tell the cause and treatment of dental problem. They also examine teeth, gums, and related tissues by using dental instruments, X-Ray and other diagnostic equipment. The format of resume should include a degree in dental surgery or dental medicine. The candidate should have good verbal and communication skills for communicating with patients.                   


Resume Samples / CV Format for Dentist

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