Resume Format For Exchange Administrator

Microsoft Exchange administrator monitors all day-to-day operations of Microsoft Exchange servers. These operations may include handling user support tickets, server maintenance, data migrations, backups, and deployments of Microsoft Exchange on new computers. With these duties, a Microsoft Exchange administrator analyzes current resources and  do planning for long-term performance and server expansion. Microsoft Exchange administrator must have work experience with the 2007, 2010, or 2013 version of Microsoft Exchange server. So the Exchange Administrator Resume
must highlight all above explained soft skills and work experience with all  Microsoft Exchange tools and techniques.

Microsoft Exchange administrator positions generally require at least a bachelors degree in an information technology- or computer science-related field. Work Experience is also required, at least four to six years of high level administration of a Microsoft Exchange server. So while building Exchange Administrator Resume must include all required skills and experience.

Resume Samples / CV Format for Exchange Administrator

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