Resume Format For Fitness Trainer

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A Fitness Trainer offers guidance and direction to clients in gyms, fitness centers and other facilities concerning health & fitness, and spends their workdays by meeting clients and giving training on the gym floor. Fitness Trainers are expected to meet clients prior the commencement of the training regime to analyze their present level of fitness and goals such as weight loss, building muscles, etc., keep client progress records via regular measurement of body-fat percentage and weight. Typically, a Fitness Trainer has a one on one job but may prefer to train a small group of individuals having a same objective.

The chief roles and responsibilities of Fitness Trainer include making sure that there is a safe class environment & all the clients are well acquainted with the safety rules of the organization, managing participants throughout the class, lending a helping hand to the participants in carrying out the specified workout regime, leading & planning fitness sessions, instructing participants how to use gym equipments and properly perform exercises, and ensuring appropriate working & cleaning of the gym equipments.

Resume format for Fitness Trainers must highlight past experience as a trainer and a bachelor’s degree in fitness related profile. A Fitness Trainer CV should also underscore the individual’s ability to perform any exercise, knowledge of techniques in the training areas, teamwork skills, offering inspiration and guidance, know-how of basic computer and scales, and being physically fit.  

Resume Samples / CV Format for Fitness Trainer

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