Resume Format For High School Teacher

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School Teacher teaches and educates students as per the guiding principles provided by the National Curriculum Framework and edifies students in accordance with their abilities, potential and requirements. The key responsibilities of a School Teacher is to arrange, plan and teach lessons to students in class, adopt and work towards the execution of the school advancement plan, distributing work, checking and correcting work done by the students, gauging and reporting gradual progress and development status of the students, endorse the general progress and welfare of each student in the class, offering his/her students advice and counseling on future careers and various social matters, maintain discipline and order in students, registering and recording student attendance on a daily basis, make use of creative audio visual technologies to make learning more interactive. Resume format for School Teacher should highlight the educational qualifications as well as various required skills such as communication and team work to coordinate with the school staff including guardians/ parents of the students, ability to evaluate and assess his/her own teaching skills, guarantee quality teaching and high standard proficient guidance.


Resume Samples / CV Format for High School Teacher

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