Resume Format For Housekeeping Supervisor

The core duty of a housekeeping supervisor is to supervise tasks of cleaning personnel for ensuring orderly, clean, and spick-and-span rooms in hotels, educational institutions, corporate offices, malls, and hospitals, to name a few. While preparing your resume format, you must demonstrate that you are a well-rounded and versatile individual who is capable of performing myriad roles. Other roles and responsibilities include assigning duties, inspecting work, and investigating complaints with regard to housekeeping services and equipment and taking appropriate, corrective action. Your resume format should convey the fact that you are an efficient organizer with superb managerial skills because you will be responsible for handling teams of different strengths. Other secondary duties involve purchasing housekeeping supplies and equipment, taking inventories on a periodic basis, training new employees, and recommending dismissals. Thus, your people-skills should be highlighted in your resume format.

Resume Samples / CV Format for Housekeeping Supervisor

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