Resume Format For Management Faculty

The resume for an academic position is always elaborate and detailed as compared to other resumes. The Resume Format for management faculty should be such that it gives details of a candidate’s academic record, scholarships, awards, training, special certifications, work experience, books and research published, papers presented, and references as well. Adjusting all these points can make the Resume Format for management faculty longer than most formats. If you choose a lengthy Resume Format, then this will not be a problem, as it works for such positions. You have to make sure that all the academic qualifications and achievements should be enumerated in the resume. Those who have extensive experience as a lecturer can mention responsibilities carried out in previous position. Teaching experience as well as management experience should be given equal importance in the Resume Format. If you hold an MBA degree then lay more emphasis on it, as it is a requirement for such a position.

Resume Samples / CV Format for Management Faculty

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