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A Manager achieves department goals by administering staff, arranging and assessing activities of the department and is in charge of planning, directing and managing the operation and economic wellbeing of the concerned department or division as well as supervises and directs individuals or a group of individuals. The Manager is in charge of planning and maintaining procedures, policies and work systems that facilitate and encourage maximum optimum performance of employees and other resources in the department. Major roles and responsibilities of Manager include sustaining staff via orienting, selecting, recruiting and training employees, upholding a healthy and safe working environment, developing individual growth opportunities, undertaking staff results through communication, monitoring and evaluating job results, establishing tactical objectives  by assembling relevant business, service , financial and operations information. A Manager carries out the objectives and purpose of the concerned division and its development.
Resume format for Manager must highlight a bachelor’s degree in business administration or any significant field and prior managerial experience. A Manager CV should emphasize on skills and abilities like knowledge of various computer programs, superior communication skills, ability to handle stress and promote teamwork. 

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