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A Marine Engineer is responsible for designing, developing, constructing and researching new marine vessels & their constituent parts, repairing & maintaining already existing vessels, and designing blueprints and creating propulsions systems and proposals. Marine Engineers are expected to test and create prototypes of different vessels, administer the construction of ships to ensure they are completed as per the specified blueprints, work on the construction of military battleships, submarines, aircraft carriers, naval ships, cruise ships or passenger boats, and devise new models of specific kinds of ships or enhance the current ships.

The chief roles and responsibilities of a Marine Engineer includes documenting instructions, requirements, troubleshooting guides & material specifications, monitoring data, user feedback & logs to seek out trends and enhance designs, offering project management & technical headship for marine construction & design, and examining and evaluating marine construction & metrics such as the weight, hydrostatics, and stability.  

Resume format for Marine Engineer must highlight training in military school in case working for military, knowledge of the nuclear power, defense systems integrated in the military and naval ships, and a bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, engineering or any other related field. A Marine Engineer CV should also highlight the individual’s thorough knowledge of fuel intake systems used in different marine vessels, proper security clearance & ability of discretion, superior computer skills, fine written & verbal communication skills, and team spirit.

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