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Network administrators are those who are  responsible for the upkeep of computer hardware and software systems. Network Administrator focus on the network within their company. The responsibility of network administrative is to design and implement new networks. There are some responsibilities which vary due to size and location of the company but there are still some responsibilities which are common. Network administrators generally in charge of network address assignment and implementation of protocols and they also handle the maintenance of networks and file servers. Network administrators work for small company they usually in charge of conducting maintenance of computers and smart phones etc. The duties of network administrator include network monitoring, handling updates, implementing security problems and evaluating network software and they are also responsible for ensuring that the net used by the organization is working. There are many tasks of a network administrator like maintain telecom systems, IT inventories and they also train users on software applications, systems, As and telecom systems. The format of resume should include a bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology or in related field. The candidate should have interest in technology and computer networks. The candidate should have high level of concentration, good creativity and leadership, as well as problem solving skills.

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