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The work of network engineer is basically linked with their employers network design and its implementations, even network engineers are paid on hourly basis rather than salaried. Network engineers normally work in offices to solve the problems related to their company enterprise which have world wide networks. The network engineers must have the knowledge of networking technologies such as  routing, cryptographic tunneling, and firewalls etc. the engineer must have a degree in information technology, in computer science or any related degree to this position. There are many companies who accept the candidate without degree only on just significant prior experience. Network engineer must be proficient in Microsoft Office programs and also able to solve various network problem and computer system problems. The network engineer must have good verbal and communication skills and also have the ability to work well with team and the engineer must able to speak clearly with various network users regarding their companies and computer network issues. Network engineer must keep records of system problems and resolutions using database or by other software and has to generate reports which are to be presented to managers or executives. Engineers must always remain up-to-date with all the new technologies in the market and use to learn all new skills by attending colleges classes, workshop etc. Engineers may also have to travel to vendors or clients offices occasionally. 

Resume Samples / CV Format for Network Engineer

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