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Photographers make use of their technical and innovative abilities to capture photographs of places, people and things and usually spend a lot of time in developing ways to promote their skills in public. Photographers are generally hired to take pictures at memorable proceedings like birthdays, weddings, and graduations. Photographers are expected to have a deep knowledge of photo editing software and suggest photo album designs for the customer’s photos. They can specialize in various facets like news photography, commercial photography, aerial photography and other events, depending on which they can focus on the marketing strategies for their business. The major roles and responsibilities of Photographers include assessing sets of photographs to choose the best work, maneuvering different types of computer and photographic equipments to develop images, using creative expertise to compose photos, taking photos in studio and/or on location, and working with clients and office teams to create photos. Resume format for Photographer must feature a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in photography, although not necessary and work experience with a senior photographer. A Photographer CV must emphasize on various skills and abilities like a detail-oriented eyes, meticulous mind, creative aptitude and precision in work.

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