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A Recruiter is employed in a wide range of profiles, the most frequent being a job recruiter. Job Recruiters are generally hired by a certain organization to find suitable employees, and are expected to search famous resume-posting sites on the internet and hunt for qualified and suitable candidates for the concerned job opening. Often, Recruiters have to travel to job fairs and diverse events for job seekers and might work for multiple or a single organization as an independent contractor. The major roles and responsibilities of a Recruiter include sourcing through internal contender databases, referrals, professional associations and network sources, negotiating terms and conditions like wage rates with candidates, interacting extensively to seek out potential clients and candidates, assessing applicant’s and comparing them with the qualities required by the client and suggesting the best candidates after a carefully examining and evaluating the skills and abilities, staying up to date on trends, hard to find skills and emerging technologies.
Resume format for Recruiter should highlight a college degree in human resource or any other related field and earlier experience in this profile. A Recruiter CV must focus on the persuasive skills of the individual, fine communication and interaction skills, ability to judge character, and multitasking.

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