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Radio Frequency engineer deals with devices that are designed to operate in the radio frequency. They are responsible for the analysis, design, implementation, optimization and enhancement of wireless telecommunication networks. There are many more responsibilities of the engineer that link budget analysis, coverage planning, site identification, zoning support and frequency planning etc. The Engineer conducts research that helps in testing designs and maintains radio frequency systems as well as gathers information to prepare and present reports on project topics. The engineer must be fully proficient in set-up, calibration, utilization and data processing of various designs. 
There is long working hours including weekends and be ready to fly to the client location on a very short notice. The engineer also have to monitor the performance of B-Mobile radio network by conducting drive tests as well as have to prepare cell design data for the new BTS sites. The format of resume should include a degree in Masters in Physics/ Computer Science/ Management information systems with Bachelor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The candidate should have experience of at-least 2 years in same field, as well as candidate should have good verbal and communication skills also.  


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