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Safety Officers supervise activities in the place of work and make sure that no safety regulation is violated. The primary motive of their profession is to curtail occupational accidents, hazards, risks and injuries. The profession of a Safety Officer needs much more than keeping an eye on activities in work place, it is also about providing security and safety training to the employees to guarantee that they are well informed about the safety standards which involves distributing reading and directive material on the matter, as well as running or organizing educational programs. Safety Officers are required to be knowledgeable about the total minimum requirements for the company to teach staff suitably about the safety norms as these can differ from the government safety policies, examine and train co workers, check and restore safety gear which depend upon the nature of work, administer their colleagues in case of any safety emergency. Safety Officer Resume/ biodata should highlight a degree in a relevant field, a health and safety certification of the individual, ability to communicate with various people like employers, trade union and co workers.

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