Resume Format For Software Testing Engineer

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A software tester plays important role in the development of new IT programs. A software tester is involved in the quality assurance stage of any software development. They used to conduct automate and manual tests to ensure that the software created is fit for the purpose. Basically software testing involves the analysis of software and other systems so that risk and software issues can be prevented. Employers are looking for the software tester who have some basic qualities like good understanding of the software development process, must have good understanding business, good writing skills etc.
Basically role of software tester depends upon the project requirement. Software tester has to work with software developers and also with project support team. He has to identify business requirements, has to do project planning. He also has to monitor the applications and software systems etc. While working as a software tester, it is very important for the tester to provide feedback to maintain a good working relationship with all other members of team. 

Resume Samples / CV Format for Software Testing Engineer

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