Resume Format For Technical Architect

Technical architect acts as a link between the upper management of an organization and the designers and developers who work in the department of information technology (IT). Technical architect have to anticipate and identify IT needs and design a solution. Technical architects should be specialized in a specific part of an IT framework. Technical architects are also responsible for improving end-user experience and ensuring that a company’s internal digital framework works well. Technical architect works 40 hour a week standard, but on priority deadliness they are required to work on weekends also. There are some important tasks which are performed by technical architect such as to determine technical needs like hardware, software, and security requirements, as well as coordinate design and integration of overall architecture and parts of proposed systems with the clients. Technical architect also translate business needs to develop solutions from design to product. The format of resume should include a bachelor’s degree in IT or in related fields. The candidate should full knowledge of JavaScript, SQL, NET, and C++. The candidate should have experience of at-least 1 year. Technical architect should have superior communication skills, as well as problem solving skills.

Resume Samples / CV Format for Technical Architect

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