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A Technical Lead in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is typically responsible for the organization’s computer systems that allow the organization to model, devise, analyze very large amount of data in their location, designing maps, designing and updating relevant databases, meeting users and finding out whether they require anything concerning the projects & output. The Technical Lead is expected to be an expert in GIS software, be involved in the production process of maps as well as the analysis of data, design & deliver services and/or products in various fields like construction, defense, refinery, telecommunication, logistics, oil, gas, and retail.

The chief roles and responsibilities of a Technical Lead includes researching, communicating & documenting opportunities to influence GIS tools for IT strategies, synchronizing with Systems Administrators to set up all-inclusive guidelines for GIS storage, usage & troubleshooting, performing role of a GIS specialist in the creation, design & implementation of GIS usage.

Resume format for Technical Lead must highlight a bachelor’s degree in IT or geography or any similar field, superior knowledge of GIS software & relevant equipments and experience in administering employees. A Technical Lead CV must also highlight the individual’s leadership skills, advanced interpersonal skills, ability to guide & monitor other GIS experts, and ability to assess & evaluate employee’s performance on a timely basis.


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