Resume Format For Telecom Engineer

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A Telecom Engineer or Telecommunication Engineer handles a company’s operating system such as UNIX, PC networks and security systems and deals with every aspect of the IT operations of the company. Telecom Engineers are expected to work with employees form all the departments within a company, usually have superiors within the IT department and rarely have to communicate with clients or public. The major roles and responsibilities of a Telecom Engineer include designing telecom software, components, systems and other products, offering technical aid or guidance to customers and staff concerning telecom equipments, examining telecom equipments to make sure they comply with safety codes and other specifications, and preparing documents and information for telecom equipments.
Resume format for Telecom Engineer must highlight a high school diploma, and certificates or training related to the field. Telecom Engineer CV should also feature in-depth understanding of IT system of the company, critical problem solving ability and ability to be up to date about the current IT developments.


Resume Samples / CV Format for Telecom Engineer

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