How to introduce yourself in interview

How to introduce yourself in interview is an issue that bothers almost everyone going for an interview, regardless of its type. Your introduction in most of the instances is the foremost question you are asked in an interview. This question is posed in various ways like Can you give a brief introduction about yourself, or tell me something about yourself, etc. No matter to what industry you belong, or your skills, or your experience, introducing yourself is something that you have to do in an interview. When it comes to How to introduce yourself in interview, there are many tips that you can follow. In fact, introducing yourself is an art in itself. If you are looking an appropriate answer to the question How to introduce yourself in interview, then you will get many hits and guides that can help you to prepare for this question, but you will have to choose wisely while picking the right way of tackling the question of How to introduce yourself in interview.

This question gives you an opportunity to advertise yourself or rather your skills and expertise to the potential employer and to convince that you are the right choice for the post. When searching for the answer to How to introduce yourself in interview, you might come across tips that suggest that you can start with your name and your educational background, but if things have changed and these lines are now outdated. Now, you need an interesting line to begin your introduction so that you can grab the attention of the recruiter from the very beginning.

Although now your first impression is definitely not your last, but it is very significant as it affects the attitude of the recruiter. You can give a nice start to your interview if you crack the question of How to introduce yourself in interview. You can start with a one-liner like “I am all about hard work, passion and professional integrity.” You can also state your objective in life and then can mention your personal and educational details. Sometimes even a single line can do the magic for you.

If you are pondering over How to introduce yourself in interview, then here are a few ways in which you can answer this question.

  • Never narrate what is written in your resume: If you just start with your name and location and then simply recite the points listed in your resume, then your interview will end in the start only. You should give a fervent response and briefly as well. You have to paint a big picture on a smaller canvas and have to color on those regions that need special attention. In other words, you should highlight only those points, be it about your skills or your hobbies, which interests your employer. Highlighting some of your proud accomplishments is another way of impressing the recruiter.


  • Go for an elevator pitch: An elevator pitch can be the right way to deal with How to introduce yourself in interview. This is a type of a concise summary, which describes a service or a product and elucidate its value. You can give your answer like an elevator pitch, which will tell your potential employer why he or she should invest in you. Focus more on your selling points, which are your skills or experience that match with the job requirements. The problem with this kind of answer is that it should be made very long.


  • Myself this and that: You can start with your formal introduction, but never begin with reflexive pronoun. Always start with I am and then your name and other details. Even when you are giving a formal introduction, donot take long pauses, as it appears that you are thinking, which ultimately shows that either you are nervous or you are underprepared.


  • Try a professional introduction: Instead of introducing yourself formally with your name go for a professional introduction like “I am a creative web designer with an experience of over 10 years.” This will help you to bring your qualities and achievements under the light immediately when you start the introduction. You have to make sure that you summarize your diverse personal, educational, or work related background, or else even this answer can go wrong.


  • Mention your reason of being there: You can make your introduction more imposing by adding the reason why you chose to apply for the particular job. You can say that you like your present job, but you want to move ahead in your career and take up even more challenging works. This is the positive way of putting this answer. On the other hand, if you put it like you are leaving your present job because of some issues and are searching for another job, as this kind of reply can prove to be negative.


  • Donot boast: It is good to be modest and proud of what you have achieved, but it is always a bad idea to show off what you got. Stay honest when it comes to your personality; show what you are instead of making a larger than life picture of yourself. Try to stick to factual avowal only when elaborating about your extensive experience or accomplishments.


  • Donot ask, only answer: If you are speculating How to introduce yourself in interview in the right manner, then be ready to give answers not questions. Many people make the mistake of staring their introduction by asking the recruiter what kind of information is he or she looking for, but this can make you look confused instead of confident.


Tell me about yourselfJust follow the short and simple yet targeted approach to introduce yourself. Instead of looking for hints on How to introduce yourself in interview, just select a single and the right method according to your experience and to the post you have applied for. If you keep the abovementioned points in mind then you will not have to be confused about How to introduce yourself in interview. 

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