Why Free Sample Resume Format Fail to Help Candidates

Why Free Sample Resume Format Fail to Help Candidates

Your Resume Your Key to Success

For a successful career you require a professional Resume that you could fetch you the position you deserve. Your Resume is your marketing document which is the first thing your hiring manager sees during the interview. A well written, professionally appealing resume makes you stand out from the crowd. Resume writing is not that easy as it seems to be. Its not mere representation of your personal information about your qualification or work experience. Its more than that. Job seekers hence, use either services of professional resume writers for this or they use free Resume format available online.

What is Free Resume Format

With the advancements in technology, today, there are numerous websites offering free Resume format services.  There are several templates to choose from where the job seekers can feed in the information and it would robotically generate a Resume. But is this free Resume format worth it! Free Resume template can be used by many job seekers simultaneously which could make all the Resumes more or less the same. There are other reasons also to avoid free Resume.

Why Not to Use Free Resume Format

While there are several job seekers who take help of the free Resume format, there are others who feel that these tools are not worth it. However, there are numerous reasons why you should not opt for a free online Resume format.

Lacks Uniqueness

When a candidate uses a free Resume format to draft a Resume, he misses uniqueness in his resume. His Resume also will be like others. There would be no scope for any kind of uniqueness in his Resume. In lack of originality, his Resume would be at a risk of getting rejected in the first go.

Lacks Creativity

A Resume made from free online Resume template has no creativity. The recruiting manager always seeks for creativity and novelty in Resumes. If your Resume is also generated with the help of some tool, it will be noticed by the manager instantly and he may form an opinion for you. There are chances that he gets prejudiced and looks upon you as a person who has no of creativity. You might be at a risk of being getting rejected, hence.

Lacks Personal Touch

As the Resume is produced by the tool, it has no personal touch to it. Hiring managers know the importance of personal touch in a Resume and if they do not find it your Resume, they might not shortlist you. A personalized Resume sends across the message to your manager that how keen you are for the job, it manifests your interest and efforts in the job.

Risk of Missing Out On Important Information

Though there are different tools for Resume writing in the template but there are always chances that the particular tool doesnot allow you to add or edit important information. This could make the Resume incomplete and unprofessional.

Due to these reasons, you should avoid using free Resume format; instead look out for better alternatives.


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