Resume Writing Answers Every Freshers Looks For

Resume Writing : Answers Every Freshers Looks For

If you are fresher and you are writing a Resume, then there must be many questions and doubts in your mind. As a Fresher you would definitely want your Resume to be accurate and different at the same time before stepping out in the market of jobs. Here is a list of some of the most common questions that crop up while writing a Resume:


  • What is the need of a Resume?

A Resume not only represents you, but also encourages the recruiter to consider your candidature. You cannot yourself go to every employer and explain your qualities and abilities. A Resume does this work for you, as it is a synopsis of your qualifications, experience and core expertise.


  • How important is the objective statement?

The objective statement states your career goals in a line or two, and makes your Resume more specific. This statement shows what kind of job you are seeking as a Fresher and what interests you. There is no hard and fast rule about inclusion of this statement, but including it will surely add more value to your Resume.


  • Where should I put the objective statement?

The objective statement usually appears on top of your Resume. If you are writing a cover letter for your Resume as well, then you can add it in the cover letter. No matter where you include it, but it should be included somewhere in your Resume. Remember to tailor your career objective as per the job you are applying for.

  • What is the ideal length of a Resume?

There is no restriction to the length of a Resume as compared to a Resume, which should be of one page. A Resumes length depends on how much space is required to state qualifications, experience, publications, etc. If you are a fresher, then keeping it to one page is the better, as long CVs suits those who have vast experience in a particular field.


  • What are the key sections that I divide my Fresher Resume into?

These are your contact information, then your objective, followed by your profile, career background, skill set, educational qualifications, and then your hobbies or interest and end it up with personal details and then finally the references. However, keep in the mind that this does not pertain to all kinds of CVs.


  • What are the basic rules that I have to follow as a Fresher :

The golden rule of writing a resume is that you should only state the truth and there is no room for spelling or typing mistakes in a good Resume.


  • Can only one resume work for all the jobs?

Well, in the present time of tough competition, it is better to customize your Resume according to the employer you are targeting, as a hybrid Resume is more satisfactory than a functional one.


  • Is it important to include interests as well as hobbies in my Resume?

There is no essential rule to include these, but if you do include your interests, then these can be taken up during an interview specifically if you have added any unique interests that you have. If you want to include your interests, then focus more on transferable skills like event organization, MIS coordination, activity management, etc.


  • What are the formatting rules to follow for Freshers ?
  • Try to use bullets while framing sentences in your Resume, as it makes the Resume crisper and focus on the major points.
  • Using action words can make your Resume distinct, but repeating those words all over will make it uninteresting.
  • Use the right font size, so that neither your Resume seems difficult to read nor it seems like a story printed on paper.


  • Should I use professional Resume writing service for writing resume for a fresher ?

Writing you own Resume can be more difficult than it seems, so you can take help of expert Resume writers. They will not only write a great Resume for you, but also help you in updating your Resume with time. This saves your time and effort and provides you a well-written Resume to put your best foot forward towards beginning a career as a fresher. 


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