Resume Format Why ignoring Grammar and Spelling can cost you next job

Resume Format : Why ignoring Grammar and Spelling can cost you next job

Job-hunting is not as easy a task, as you think it to be. You have to pay attention to every little detail, starting from your Resume, your cover letter, job portfolio, interview preparations, etc. at times, you face rejection even after thorough preparation just because of some silly and small mistakes, and grammar and spelling mistakes are on the top of the list. Sometimes you donOt even realize that you are making such a mistake. This type of error might seem a petty one on the face of it, but it can lead your resume straight to the list of rejected candidates, as many employers lay emphasis on this aspect.


One of the main purposes of your resume is to bring your strengths to light and to chip away your weaknesses, so if you want to show your strengths and focus, then you should show it in all the elements including your Resume or resume. You have to understand the importance of grammar and spelling in Resume, and should try your best to avoid it while preparing your Resume, cover letter or even your job portfolio. Keeping away grammar and spelling mistakes is not a difficult task today, especially with the availability of so many word processing software programs. All you have to do is to hit the spell check button and the rest is handled with the word processor.


How the employer can judge you due to grammar and spelling mistake

  • Your first impression can be spoiled because of grammar and spelling mistake as the employer can assume that you lack enthusiasm in the job.
  • Grammar and spelling mistake can also show that you did not pay attention while making your resume. This creates a negative impression, as you seem careless in front of the employer.
  • It can also suggest that you lack technical knowledge or sophistication as you can easily do a spell check with the help of a word processor.


Tips to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes while making your Resume

  • Start with the spelling: First, do what you can do first, so check all the spellings with the help of the spell check function.
  • Take care of punctuations: Normally you use more punctuation in your email communications or your cover letter, but no matter what document it is, you should make sure that the right punctuations are at the right place.
  • Donot forget the grammar: Remember that spell check alone will not do away with your grammar mistakes, so to avoid grammar errors, you have to check the sentences on your own and make sure that the tests are correctly used. Words are sometimes spelled correctly, but are used in the wrong sense.
  • Formatting is also important: If your Resume is formatted with proper paragraphs, sections, bullets and spacing, then this will help you to check your document easily and will help you to find out and remove any mistake from your Resume. If your Resume is free from grammar and spelling error but is illegible, then your efforts will go in vain. The recruiter will not be able to chalk out the details that you mention in your Resume and he or she might straight forward reject your Resume without even trying to read it.


Proofreading your Resume or cover letter is the best way to stay away from grammar or spelling mistakes and it will help you to create an impressive Resume. Remember that a few extra minutes can make your Resume error free and imposing at the same time. In fact, you should keep these points in mind when it comes to any documents related to job-hunting or your job.



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