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Interview tips for fresher

Facing the interview first time can be panicking but the problem is that this panic should not appear on your face. Remember that this is an interview and not a war, so you do not need ammunition, what you need is a bunch of useful Interview tips. After completing your education, this is a new stage of your life, and no one wants to take any risk with this phase. You have a great resume, you have created social profiles, and now you are at the door of the interviewer with hopes of being selected for your dream job. Now, it is up to you to crack this meeting and land on the job you always dreamt of.


When you go for an interview, you are filled with mixed emotions like zeal, enthusiasm, and even nervousness. You will surely not want to go wrong after coming to this point, and neither will you, as here is a list of Interview tips, which can help you to prepare for an interview and give your best shot.

The initial preparation: Here are a few useful Interview tips for what you need to do prior to meeting your recruiter face-to-face.

  • Assessment: You should evaluate your interests, accomplishments, values, and above all your skills, as you will be asked questions related to all these.
  • Research: Almost all Interview tips emphasize on investigating the companys background, and this is important, as this helps you to frame answers for questions like why you are interested in the job.
  • Online reputation: This is one of the Interview tips that many donot pay attention to, but with everyone getting more tech savvy these days it is important to upkeep your online presence in the right manner. If you have any inappropriate pictures on your social profile, or any inappropriate comments, remember to clear all these, as your potential employer might also check your social profile.
  • Work on your appearance: Your appearance is in your hand, and you donot need any special Interview tips on how to look in an interview. If you are a graduate then you yourself be aware of the dress code expected in an interview.


  • The big day: Even after the initial preparations, people falter on the very day of the interview, but the following Interview tips will help you to keep your composure even on the big day.
  • Get to the site early: This helps you to remain calm, work on your final appearance, arrange all your documents before the main meeting. Never rush to the interview or else everything will fall out of place.
  • Turn off your mobile: You will definitely not want that your phone ring when your employer is having some serious talk with you.
  • Keep an eye on your body language: Your body language speaks a lot about your personality, so remember to conduct yourself in a positive and professional manner. Shaking hands, maintaining eye contact are some of the important things to bear in mind.


The questions to prepare for: These are the bullets that your employer will shoot at you and the Interview tips given here can act as your shield to prevent the bullets to hit you on your head. The following Interview tips enumerate some of the most common questions and some Interview tips to answer these questions.

  • TMAY (Tell me something about yourself): Looks like an easy one, but sometimes even the easiest questions can go wrong. Do give your educational and personal background, but focus more on your accomplishments and skills instead of the facts. Donot give usual answers try to start with something interesting like your motto or your mission in life. Donot elaborate the answer very much as whatever you say can divert the route of your interview.


  • Strengths and weaknesses: When asked about your strengths you can sell your skills and abilities and highlight how you are suitable for the job, and when it comes to answering the weakness question, be a little careful. You will definitely not want to spoil your image in front of your employer. Turn the weakness question in your favor by giving positive answer. For example, you can say that you cannot refuse to help anyone or you donot leave a matter until you solve it.


  • Why should we pick you for the position: Feel yourself lucky, if your employer ask you this question, as gives you an opportunity to emphasize on your capabilities and match your skills with those needed for the job.


  • The 5 or 10 years from now question: When the recruiter asks this kind of question, remember that the main aim is to evaluate our short term and long term goals. You can again relate this question with the job. For instance, you can say that you see yourself working in a top position in the company and taking the company to new heights in the time to come. This will surely impress your potential employer.

Be confident but not over confident: These Interview tips will only help you if you keep up your confidence throughout the entire interview session. From the first hand shake, to the answers and the way you wrap up and bid a farewell to the recruiter, everything should be done with confidence as confidence not only helps you to amaze your employer, but also hides some of the mistakes that you make during the interview. You can also find Interview tips that elaborate on the mistakes, which you should keep away from in an interview. However, there is a very fine line between confidence and over-confidence, donot let your enthusiasm overpower you, or else you will end up saying things that will mess up all the preparations that you have made. Never argue with the recruiter and never try to dominate the talk. Keep your answers and way of answering as polite and positive as possible. If you keep these Interview tips in mind, then nothing can stop you to grab your dream job.



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