Linkedin Profile Is it a Branding Tool

Linkedin Profile Is it a Branding Tool

Having a good resume and posting it on online recruitment websites is not enough now to get a great job for a great future. With more and more recruiters seeking candidates online, you actually require dynamic online presence for grabbing the attention of employers across the globe. When it comes to online presence what can be better than a social network, and what is even better is that there is a targeted social network for professionals as well. Yes, we are talking about LinkedIn. The platform of LinkedIn is used by varied industries to share facts and information about different corporate entities and is also used by industries for discussing major issues. However, LinkedIn has recently emerged as a great tool for jobseekers.


In the last ten years of existence, LinkedIn has gathered over two hundred million members and by now, almost everyone knows how to create a profile on this website and make connections. However, in the last few years potential employers and recruiters are using this site to search for right candidates for their companies. So now, employers do not just take a sneak peek on your LinkedIn profile, but they go through it in detail. This means that you need to build a more professional profile on LinkedIn. In fact, you can make yourself a brand with your LinkedIn Profile.


How you can do Self Branding using your LinkedIn profile:

You can add value to your resume and can make yourself a brand with the help of your LinkedIn profile with these useful tips.

  1. A specialized headline: this comes just beneath your name in your profile and if you fill in correct keywords, it will grab the attention of targeted audience. Remember that you just have 120 characters to sum up your headline, so try to keep as crisp as possible.
  2. If you have a LinkedIn profile, then you must have seen the update section. This is the most significant section when it comes to building your brand. The more you post an update the more value is added to your brand online. Try to update regularly and add appropriate keywords.
  3. Customizing the URL, which is your LinkedIn profile address, is another way of enhancing your brand online. This will help you to come up high in Google search results.
  4. An appealing summary defining your career can be helpful as well. tell your story in a convincing manner while highlighting your achievements at the same time.
  5. Add your skills in the Skills and Expertise section, which you can find underneath the section of Education. You can use this section to convey your abilities and your skill set. Your connections on LinkedIn can also endorse your brand through your skills added in this section.
  6. Recommendations can be your key to build your brand on LinkedIn. What others have to say about is far more important than what you say about yourself, so try to get as much recommendations as possible.

How a professional service can help

Having a professional profile on LinkedIn can give an edge to your career. For building such a profile, you need to know what to include and what to exclude, but if you do not have the time, then hiring a professional service can be the best way out.

Get a complete LinkedIn profile with expert LinkedIn profile writing service. They will provide you a completely new profile or can rewrite your existing profile as well. You can customize your profile according to the industry you belong or the kind of job you are seeking. They will help in highlighting you as a brand with higher rankings, making your profile more visible to employers.


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