Resume Writing at C-Level Ask These Questions Before You Start

Resume Writing at C-Level : Ask These Questions Before You Start

Several executives write a resume, which weaken their potential as well as their integrity as a director or CXO Executive of the company. There is a big difference in a general resume and a board level resume, and understanding this difference, is the key to write a perfect executive resume. Writing such a resume takes a lot of time and while writing such a resume some usual question float in our mind. Here we try to answer these questions so that you can do away with all your doubts regarding framing of an executive level resume.

  • What should I start my resume with?


Well, you can do away with the career objective when you are already and established professional in the industry. Instead, you can begin with your professional profile after mentioning your name and contact information.


  • What should I include in the professional profile section?


In place of just stating the position you hold or the jobs you have done, you should focus more on your abilities, expertise, and what all you have attained as a director or an executive. Highlight on what make you different like your record of providing best results, completing projects on time, your performance against set goals of the company, and other achievements that has helped your company, like growth in revenue, enhanced productivity, diminished planning cycle and development time, etc.


  • What should I add in the expertise section?


Stating all your expertise in bulleted lists is more preferable for an executive level resume. While listing your expertise, donot just mention your training or certifications, also mention your abilities, and your qualities like planning dexterously, improving efficiency, executing organizational development and design, problem solving, strategic leadership, fiscal plan development, leadership, communication, etc.


  • How should I present the professional experience section?


This section is one of the most significant sections of an executive resume, as your experience is what makes you different from other jobseekers. Remember that this section of your director resume should specify the record of accomplishments that you have gained from your position or under your employer. List your primary accomplishments in bullets and ensure that the achievements you list are applicable to your potential position. Try to take in only figures and facts in this section.


  • Where should I include my education qualifications?


After stating your professional experience, you can move ahead with the education section and list down your qualifications and certifications.


  • What should the personal information section comprise of?


This section should include your interests as well as hobbies. This helps to portray your interpersonal skills along with your social life.


  • How important is readability?


Majority of busy employers view resumes either on a web page or on PDAs, so only concise and value-driven format will grab their attention. Tightly packed information is hard to read and employers avoid reading such resumes. Do put in important information in your executive resume, but make sure that you put it down in short pieces, which are easy to read.


  • How important is the formatting?


Even when you are writing a professional director resume, you should take account of formatting. An unswerving, clean and striking resume will surely crack the crowd. Use only two fonts, for the main headline and the content, and donot use flouncy fonts. Underlining text is not a good idea too.


  • Can I extend my resume more than 2 pages?


Two-page length is an ideal length for executive resumes, but you can cross the length if you have more credentials to add to your resume. However, try to pack in the most important facts in the first page or the first fold only, as busy recruiters give only a few seconds to review a resume.

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