How to Get Jobs using Your Linkedin Profile

How to Get Jobs using Your Linkedin Profile

Almost a decade back LinkedIn surfaced over the internet as a social network website to create a large network of professionals across the globe. Since its inception to the present time, it has turned big and even more fruitful for job seekers. Some recent surveys and studies have demonstrated that majority of top recruiters use LinkedIn to look for and contact suitable candidates for jobs. They also use LinkedIn to keep a track on potential contenders for a job and majority of employers post jobs on LinkedIn as well. This means that if you are missing on LinkedIn then you are away from an array of opportunities, which you can otherwise take advantage of.

From your professional experience, term served in a job, to your skills, recruiters keep an eye on all through your LinkedIn profile. If you leverage your LinkedIn profile, then you can give a completely new dimension to your job search. Here we have enumerated a few tips, which can help you to leverage your LinkedIn profile for job search:

  1. Build an informative profile: This is probably the best way to start your job search on LinkedIn. Consider your profile as a synopsis of your CV. Fill in all the details that can tell something about you, your education, skills, previous jobs, etc.
  2. Don’t overlook tabs: A number of people does not bother about the tabs present on the top of the profile page. The most important of these tabs are Groups, Companies, and Jobs.
  3. Make a large network: The large is your network the more you will be exposed to opportunities. LinkedIn allow you to explore and connect with people belonging to different industries and enable you to come under the radar of potential recruiters and hiring managers as well.
  4. Groups! Groups! Groups! : Groups can be the key to leverage your LinkedIn profile for job search. Groups can establish your position as a professional and can also act as a tool to introduce you to new avenues. Simply type the name of the industry and then go through the list of groups available for that industry to join.
  5. Track Companies: You can look for different companies at one place and can keep a track of those companies to know more about it. This can be your homework before applying for a job in that company.
  6. The job search gizmo: Candidates can now keep a track on new jobs with the new app for job search introduced on LinkedIn. This is not all; this app also lets you filter the jobs by specific company, location, or even by title. You will also get job recommendations depending on your LinkedIn Profile.
  7. Check out the follow-up prompt: you will find this reminder tool in connections profile section. Simply set up reminders by clicking on Relationship tab beneath the profile picture. This helps you to manage your connections and relationships by sending you reminders about your meeting with specific people.
  8. Synchronize your LinkedIn profile and your email: Whatever chat you have over email with any recruiter or competitor, will be visible on your profile page. In this way, you can follow up the people you have connected with.
  9. Use LinkedIn Updates: if you use the updates in the correct manner, then this will help you in managing your career and establishing your brand on LinkedIn. You can advertise your brand with the updates and can make yourself even more visible across the network.
  10. Track new connections: Your job does not end with making new connections. You should follow them up by sending emails stating about your career goals, your skills, and something about yourself.

If you still have any doubt about leveraging your LinkedIn profile for job search, then simply approach our expert team for help. 

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