Is your CV lost amongst 4 Cr CVs on the job portal

Remember Your CV is Only 1 Amongst 40 Million CVs On The Job Portal!

Your CV is Just an Addition

The first thing you do with your CV today is to submit it online for boosting your screening chances for job interviews. These days it is normal practice to submit resumes on various job portals. Just like you there are millions others who do the same each day. Your CV is just an addition to these portals. So how do you stand out among others, and how only your CV gets better screening for interview calls, depends on various reasons. Though there are various factors that could affect the short listing of your CV but primarily it happens so because of lack of knowledge about the technique of submitting of CVs on job portals.

Factors That Affect CV Sorting

As already said, there could be many reasons that why your CV is not getting enough response from the potential employers. You need to analyze these factors that could hamper the initial screening process. Given here are few factors that may affect sorting of your CV from various job portals:

Wrong Formatted CVs: CVs need to be well formatted. If your CV is not well formatted it could not look appealing to the employers. If the information you provide in the CV is not fed in well, you are probably not on the right track for job hunting.

Keywords Lacking CVs: Keywords play a pivotal role in CV sorting by the employers. Any CV with right keywords would be instantly noticed and short listed by the employers. Online submission largely rests upon the factor how you incorporate the keywords in your resume so that it can be smoothly screened and you appear on the top position in the directory.

Error Prone CVs: Many job hunters make various kinds of errors while drafting their CVs and they do not pay heed to it. Such CVs are bad examples of resumes and would never be considered for short listing. Typos, grammatical mistakes, syntactical errors and referential errors are taken seriously by the hiring personnel. Avoiding these mistakes would really be helpful.

Non Professional CVs: If your CV is not professional in its approach you may lose the chance of getting an interview call. Employers are in constant search of professionally sound employees and they get a cue from your CV only how professional or unprofessional you are at handling your tasks.

Fake CVs: Often job seekers exaggerate things on their own to make themselves more befitting. But remember employers are smart enough to make which CV is fake and bears wrong information.

Generalized CVs: If CVs are not tailor made each time you apply for a job, they get amalgamated in the ocean of million CVs on job portals. They simply get lost online like others. Generalized CVs for various position is not advisable by the recruitment experts.

Outdated CVs: If you submit the CV online and think years later also that the same CV would work, its not so. Outdated CVs are not screened and considered by the hiring authorities. Updated CVs with latest information about candidates profile are considered the best.

The Solution: Expert Services for Submitting CV on Job Portals

It becomes really difficult to understand the nuances f the recruitment industry and make lesser mistakes while submitting CV on job portals. But the best solution to this issue is to take help of expert services like You can use the services for all your job hunting tasks right from CV writing to online submission, interview coaching and various others. Job seekers can use these expert services for:

Professionally Drafted CVs: Experts know the best ways that work in CV writing. They take all measures to ensure that your CV looks more professional in its approach. They never make any kind of mistake stated earlier in this article. With their professional approach they know how to make you stand out from the crowd.

Expert Opinion:  The industry experts have a long trail of experience with them. Their qualification and experience have placed on such a prestigious position. The understand the in and outs of the recruitment industry hence provide best solution

Best Technique Used: They know the about best technique used in online CV submission. They understand the importance of keyword density, key word placement, CV formatting well. They make sure that your CV is search engine friendly and recruiter friendly. They can easily make you visible on job portals.

Thorough Knowledge:  Experts have a thorough knowledge of the recruitment industry. They keep themselves updated with all the latest advancements. They keep a close eye on any kind of modification in submission process and hone their skills regularly.

Personalized Solution: You can enjoy the privilege of personalized services offered to you by these experts. Each profile is thoroughly understood and then a final CV is drafted after your consultation. This CV is then submitted through correct ways of online submission by the professionals. Personalized solution is a sure shot formula to get an interview call. 

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