Wrong Interview Questions - That Candidate Can Refuse to Answer

As a thumb rule, if an interview question is related to the job, then it is generally appropriate to pose to the candidate. If the question is not related to the job, caution is advised. Any interview questions that involve religion, race, marital status, gender, and so on must be completely avoided during interviews. A seasoned and professional interviewer will never ask the following interview questions. However, he or she may re-phrase and re-word them in order to avoid controversy and flak.

Resume Writing Answers Every Freshers Looks For

If you are fresher and you are writing a Resume, then there must be many questions and doubts in your mind. As a Fresher you would definitely want your Resume to be accurate and different at the same time before stepping out in the market of jobs. Here is a list of some of the most common questions that crop up while writing a Resume

Resume Writing at C-Level Ask These Questions Before You Start

Several executives write a resume, which weaken their potential as well as their integrity as a director or CXO Executive of the company. There is a big difference in a general resume and a board level resume, and understanding this difference, is the key to write a perfect executive resume. Writing such a resume takes a lot of time and while writing such a resume some usual question float in our mind. Here we try to answer these questions so that you can do away with all your doubts regarding framing of an executive level resume.

Resume Writing Step-by-step guide for Freshers

Freshers have to face many challenges. Whether it is finding jobs online or writing the perfect Resume that can grab the attention of employers, everything seems difficult when you step out in the market of jobs for the first time. The tough competition, which prevails in the present scenario, can make any fresher nervous, but success lies in rising above the nerve cracking situation and facing the challenges with self-assurance. Whether you are applying for a job in person or over the internet, a Resume forms an integral part at this phase of job hunting. Your Resume is your mirror and the most significant tool in your hand to market your abilities, skills, and your career goals. This means that you cannot afford to make mistakes while writing a Resume. There is no need to be anxious and just go through the following tips to get some help writing your Resume.

Resume Writer When You Should NOT Hire One

With increase in competition and the changing economic scenario, the trend of hiring a professional Resume Writer is on the rise, but whether you should use services of such an agency depends entirely on your ability. If you have the ability to describe yourself, then you can go ahead with writing your own resume but if you do not want to take any risk or you are not able to put down your career or educational records on paper yourself, then a professional agency can be the best bet. Here are a few reasons why a professional Resume Writer can work for you:

Cover Letter Do They Help

Even today cover letters are considered important along with your CV while applying for a job. Many career counselors and experts have described the relevance and the crucial role a cover letter plays in securing a job interview for the job aspirants. It is always advisable to send a well written customized cover letter each time you apply for any job. A very prominent Human Resources Expert, says, Your cover letter is particularly important. It is the job seekers opportunity to help the recruiter see that the applicants skills and experience match what the employer seeks.

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